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Fútbol Sala

What is futsal?

Futsal is a team sport similar to football, in which two teams of four players and a goalkeeper compete. It’s a passionate sport, very popular among the youngsters, despite it relatively low media diffusion when compared with the traditional football.

Futsal Rules in 2018

Futsal rules are basically similar to football ones, but with some major differences. We also have to note that the rules are not always exactly the same, depending on where you are playing, and the tournament, there might be small differences, but overall it’s almost the same. Here you have a detailed explanation of the rules of the present year.

Futsal liga – 2018

In Spain, futsal is very popular and there are thousands of semi-professional and amateur leagues for futsal fans of all levels. You can find them everywhere spread through the country. The professional and official competition is the Liga nacional de Futbol Sala (LNFS), in which there are different divisions and clubs. Find all the information here.

Futsal Portugal – 2018

Due the popular demand of information about futsal in Portugal, we’ve created an special section in this website. Click here to find all the information updated about futsal in Portugal.

Futsal Online

Looking for places to watch the next futsal match? Look no further mate, check this out and enjoy watching futsal matches online!

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