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As fustal lovers, we always struggle to find where to watch our favourite futsal matches online. It’s often hard to find a decent futsal live streaming so we decided to create this page to help everyone watch futsal online for free. It’s really a shame that there are always thousands of places to watch football online but almost none to watch futsal.

There are a few places where you can watch futsal online in 2018, depending on what you are after.

Spain Futsal Online

If you are interested in watching Spain league games, you have a few options. If there is a game taking place, chances are you can watch the futsal live stream in LNFSdirecto. Just follow that link and you should see a streaming underneath. On that website you can also watch any previous match of the current season and even some of the previous ones by clicking on “Archivo” and selecting your desired match in the dropdown.

Alternatively, if the game you are interested in watching is not in the previous link, you should try with Teledeporte. They often stream matches weekly on Saturday at 1pm (Spanish Time).

Last, but not least, you can try luck with rojadirecta, as they normally have a few links there as well for pretty much any match. If you cannot access the above link, chances are you are trying to connect from an IP that is blocking it. If that’s the case you can try to connect through a VPN or an online proxy such as CroxyProxy. Just follow that link, type in “http://www.rojadirecta.me/en” and click on “Go”.

If all of the above fails, this facebook page usually streams some futsal matches as well, just go to the page when a match is in about to start and you should see a live streaming in the feed.

Hopefully this will help you to watch your favourite sport online for free!

Good luck and see you at the pitch!

Futsal Online
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